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Margaret Garland is a self-taught seamstress who has been sewing for more than 40 years. She took her education to the next level attending Morgan State Univ. and Baltimore Community College. After moving to Germany, was able to study at the Paris/American School of Design in Paris, France. Margaret is highly experienced in Fashion Design and Doll Artistry.  Her work has been published in the Soft Dolls & Animal magazine and has been presented in small boutiques all over Baltimore. 
Even with all that, her passion has always been teaching others how to sew. She has been a teacher for the Fashion Design Department at Baltimore City Community College and at FIT in North Carolina (NCSU). She has even volunteered to teach the elderly to sew in a nearby senior care facility. Her desire to teach has leapt out of her school and found its place in elementary schools, hospitals, and church events! 
In 2016, she received an Entrepreneur Award from NANBPWC, Inc. and in 2019 She was awarded the Ms. Unstoppable Award.  2021, Margaret’s business was featured in the Alignable (a small business Referral Network) online newsletter and she was featured in the Wawak Finest sewing supplies. She is a member of the following organizations: American Sewing Guild Association of Sewing. 
Margaret started this business to share her skills with others so they can begin their journey to create fashions their way. She wants to help them to become designers, entrepreneurs, seamstresses or sewing for themselves. She believes that everyone has a dream and if she can help someone towards their destiny then her job is done!

Your journey starts here!

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