What Machine Needle Do I Use?

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I hope everyone learned something from the last post! Picking your pattern can be a bit crazy! Today’s Blog, I want to talk about machine needles. When you chance the types of fabrics, you may have to change the machine needle. The chart below gives you an idea on what needle goes with what fabric. But when purchasing machine needles, check on the package for exactly what those needles are for. There are two main types:

Universal(sharp)- these are needles used most often. Ideal for all woven fabrics because it helps to produce even stitches. It commonly ranges from size 9- 18.

Ball Point- has rounded point that makes it ideal for sewing on all types of knit fabrics. Sizes range from 9-16.

FYI- there maybe times you may not have change your needle. When you begin to sew, do a sample stitch with some scraps of fabric. Just to make sure it the stitches doesn’t skip.

As you can see, using the correct machine needle is especially important. Now you are wondering so how often do I need to change my needle? Change your machine needle after you have sewn around 3-4 garments. If really depends on what type of fabric you are working with.

My next Blog will on how to change your machine needle. I hope that this helps you with your sewing adventure. Let me know what you think about the blog!! I want everyone to enjoy their journey! So if you have any sewing problem you would like me to talk about, send it to me: me:sewfabuloussewing@gmail.com

see you next time!

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