Spring Is Here!

It's time get your wardrobe ready for the summer. Get rid of those heavy sweaters and coats. The look this summer is all about comfort and color. I've been watching many fashion week designers/shows, I notice that fashion has taken a step back to the 70"s. So, here are my thoughts on what to wear this summer!

My Top Thoughts on Spring/Summer Fashions Looks:

+ Oversized Boyfriend jackets and shirts- mix it with jeans, trousers or a dress. It looks great!

+ Black face mask

+ Head scarfs - from the 50's - 60's

+The colors are the beautiful tones of pastels- lavender-mint greens

+ yellow or blue bags or accessories -small clutch bags, hats, boots -mix it with other colors to add a little spice to the look

+ Mix yellow and camel colors- they add dimension to look.

+ Trench coat- long short, tied, open with or without a hood- doesn't matter how you wear it , it looks great with any outfit

Shoes- tennis, mules or slides: creates a look of comfort yet style. Don't be afraid of mixing tennis with a dress! It works!

Ok, that's my thoughts on fashion for the spring/summer looks. We've been looked down locked in, so now it's time to spread our wings. Enjoy your summer, explore, and start a new journey. Looking good, feeling good is a great start!

Just be you!

Ms. M

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