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Happy Thursday!

I was purchasing patterns the other day. I love it when JoAnn's has pattern sale for $1.99 but this time, it was .99cents! I noticed that some of the custumers were buying them too but not paying attention to what they were buying(ex. fabric,size etc.) I know this because I reconized a couple pattern one lady had and she had the wrong fabric as well as the wrong size. So I want to give you 4 tips on buying your next pattern.

Tip #1

Size- remember to check for your size on the FRONT of the pattern envelope. Patterns will always have all sizes on the back of the envelope. The worst thing to do is get home, open out the tissue paper and not see your size!

Tip #2

Check the fabric choices- The pattern will list the types of fabrics. It could say: cotton/ cotton blend, linen, denim. So that means NO stretchy fabric! Or it could say different types of knit (stretchy fabric). So that means no cotton like fabric. Please don't try to go against the fabric type rule.

Tip #3

Notions- are those other items needed to complete your garment. Zipper, buttons, hook & eye and thread. So remember to look for it on the back.

Tip #4

Extras- don't forget to look for interfacing. It comes as sew-in and fusible. Most garments need it. Also, lining. Normally lining is 45" wide but you can use any fabric (even the same) as long as its not heavier then the main fabric.

Ok, I hope this helps you in your pattern buying adventure! If you need more help, You can purchase my awesome book " In The Beginning" The first Steps to Sewing! It will take you from - using your machine to tools, buying patterns/fabric and how to layout. You can get on Amazon. it will help you through your beginning steps of sewing.

Ms. Margaret (Ms.M)

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