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Fashion has always been seen as a form of expression, whether you are expressing your mood, the seasons, or your uniqueness. Fashion has the power to give us added strength and confidence. You know that once you put on your perfectly fit blazer, tailored dress shirt, or that one piece that makes you feel like a million bucks, it's game over!

The power of fashion and design is endless. Putting together the perfect pieces is an art of its own, but some take it a step further. They don't simply walk into their favorite store and buy clothes already pre-made and designed; instead they imagine outfits out of nothing and bring it into fruition into the real world. Bringing outfits from the mind into tangible items is exactly what our students in the Design Academy are doing.

Our Design Academy started from the mind of Antrice Sykes a Stevenson University Fashion Design Major, interning with Sewfabulous. Her one purpose was to create 'something new' and incorporate it into the business she is interning with. Antrice worked for many weeks creating this program. She worked for hours on lesson plans and spreadsheets, breaking down each week to the smallest detail. In the end what she created was greater than a simple school project; she created a new world for young minds.

The Design Academy's first task is teaching one how to take their fashion vision and put it on paper, by making a style board. The students then learn how to illustrate a body form. Taking from their style board they incorporated their themes onto the body form, placing the outfit where they want it to actually fall on themselves once created. After illustrating they start to create patterns, then draping and drafting, and then choosing fabric and notions, all to see their dream outfit come into fruition.

Recently the Design Academy quartet: Morgan Ginn, Chole Gross, Nyela Davis, and Klarke Monroe went on a trip to Joann's to choose their fabric and important notions for their pieces. One student, Klarke, searched and searched for a 30 inch zipper that she would be putting down the side of the pants she would be creating. Another student, Nyela, racked her brain between two different floral patterned fabrics, trying to determine which one would fit her theme of spring. In the end she chose a white fabric with red roses.

The Design Academy has opened up these students, some new sewers and some old, to the other side of sewing. The side where you don't simply follow a pattern created by another, but they follow their heart and create something a new that can't be found on the rack or in the pattern drawer at Joann's.

The room gasped as Morgan finished drafting and draping her off the shoulder pleated top onto a body form. She had done it! What started as a simple drawing was here! She created the pattern, placed it on the body form with muslin by following the pattern she created in order to see how it would look. It was perfect. Now she was ready to use her actual fabric and create her piece. Her next step: sewing together the pieces with her chosen fabric, surging the edges, and adding all the notions and final details. Finally her piece will be completely free from her mind, the paper, and her trial drafting.

The students in the Design Academy are at the brewing of great things, whether it be becoming the designers of tomorrow or the most stylish person in the office. That satisfying feeling of being asked, "Where did you get that from?" and being able to say, "I made it!"

This quartet is still working towards their final goal and when it's done they will have passed their first fears and be on the road to becoming a designer. Many of them who will be featured in our upcoming fashion show July 15th.

The Design Academy is a place where dreams come true and you learn that nothing is impossible, a place where the intangible becomes tangible. The Design Academy is open to all students, even if you have to be taught from the basics. In the end you will have found your inner designer. You do not want to miss out on this new course at Sewfabulous if you are serious about pursuing a career/hobby in the world of fashion design.

The Design Academy is opening to the public in May. Classes will be held Monday's and Wednesday's (Classes start May 7th and May 9th). You can either attend a 4 hour or 2 hr class. Students must be at least 13 years old. Monday's classes are held from 12-2pm, 2-4pm, and 6:30-8:30pm. If taking a 4 hr class you would attend both the 12-2pm and the 2-4pm class (must pay for two slots). The Wednesday class is held from 6:30-8:30pm.

Design Academy Enroll: https://www.sewfabuloussewing.com/class-schedule

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