Fishnets Are in Style

In the fashion world of today fishnets are very popular in streetwear!

They are not only being worn as tights, but they are also being worn as tops, dresses, shorts and pants.

Fishnets has also taken over luxury brands and high fashion runways by being used as an aesthetic piece or detail to add edge to an outfit or garment.

Singer Janelle Monae wears Alexandre Vauthier Fall 16/17 Couture dress at the Oscars 2017 After Party

The fashionistas who are following this trend has created ways to add their own personal touches. These brilliant minds are adding jewels, embroidery patches and beads to the fishnets!

Grab your glue gun and jewels! It’s time to bedazzle!

But I am sure you are wondering, “How did fishnets come about?”

There’s a famous story from the early 1900’s called The Peasant’s Wise Daughter that is holding the thrown for initiating fishnet fashion.

In this story a prisoner had a daughter who solved a riddle. During her process of solving the riddle, she wrapped herself in fishnet to appear “not clothed” and “not naked.”

Can you say, “FASHION GENIUS!?”

This wise daughter was clearly unaware that she was going to be called a fashionista in the next few decades from then.

Marilyn Monroe

Many people think the fishnet fashion trend began in the 1920’s with the flapper girls and naughty dancers. In the 1920’s dance became a large part of the fishnet culture because it kept a breathable wide range of motion when performing.

The pin-up girls took over fishnet tights in the 1950’s.

Do you remember the icon, Marilyn Monroe? She was frequently seen in fishnet tights.

Then in the 1970’s and 80’s, punk rock dominated the fishnets until now, the streetwear takeover!

Get into this trend by adding some fishnet in your closet.

Below are a few ways you can look fashion forward in the newest trend:

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