A Little Kid at the Candy Shop!

“I haven’t sewn in over 40 years with a machine or a pattern,” said Joann Dudley.

Joann Dudley is a beginner student at Sewfabulous Sewing School, who has recently completed her first pair of pants!

*cheering crowd screams and applauses*

“This is exciting to me,” said Dudley. “This is very exciting to me!”

Dudley and other students breezed through the 8-weeks course in only 6 weeks with the help of sewing instructor and owner, Margaret Garland.

“She’s [Garland] very excellent and remarkable at teaching where we can understand what she’s saying to us,” said Dudley. “Teaching us about the patterns and where you can expand on you own and beyond the patterns.”

Because of this great accomplishment, Dudley plans to continue learning how to fully operate her sewing machine and continue doing freelance tailoring services with the support of Sewfabulous Sewing School.

“I’m like a little kid at the candy shop right now,” said Dudley with a big smile on her face.

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