Nina is Shapoppin!

Nina is ready for her close-up. (Photo by Journalist Kache' Stewart)

Meet advanced student and designer, Nina Markland!

“Every day I am learning a new thing that I didn’t know before,” said Nina. “And once I sit down at the machine, I know what I am doing. And it’s all because of them.”

Nina is a 14 years-old advanced student who has been studying the art of sewing at Sewfabulous Sewing School since 8 years-old.

As an advanced student, Nina will be a second-time featured designer in an upcoming production for Sewfabulous Sewing School Annual Fashion Show.

Anticipate Nina’s collection to be full of fun and flare.

She has pieces that will make you believe you are Beyoncé as you walk that walk.

“When the models are walking, it will be like a fan is on her,” said, Nina.

Her presented collection is for those who are unique and “shapoppin.”

“Shapoppin is like oh my goodness, that is flawless. That is shapoppin,” said Nina. “Like it’s another word for flawless, just in Nina’s dictionary.”

Audience members will know it is Nina’s “shapoppin” pieces, flowing down the runway with Beyoncé’s fan, when they see a collection full of turquoise and white with a silver accent color.

Nina is posing with her favorite sewing tool, the seam ripper. (Photo by Journalist Kache' Stewart)

“Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I just love everything turquoise,” said Nina. “So I said, “Hey, since I love so much turquoise why don’t I just do it!””

With that “just do it” mentality, Nina inspires other students at Sewfabulous Sewing School as she volunteers. She helps other students grow their sewing skills while reminding them to have fun.

“It’s so much fun to make your own clothes,” said Nina. “And for people to stop you and they be like, “Oh my gosh! I love that! Where did you get that?!” I made it!”

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