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cut // Per-surface drawing settings for each video surface. Some of these // settings can also be applied to non-video surfaces, and some // are disabled on non-video surfaces. typedef struct _MpegSurfaceDrawSettings { UInt32 iBitCount; // 8, 10, 12, 16, etc UInt32 iColorSpace; // 0 = no color UInt32 iBufferSize; // frame buffer size UInt32 iDefaultBufferSize; // for non-keyframes UInt32 iDefaultWidth; // 640 UInt32 iDefaultHeight; // 480 UInt32 iSaving:1; // non-zero if a saving is used UInt32 iBufferFreeAtStart:1; // set to 1 if the frame buffer is freed at the start of the video UInt32 iDecoding:1; // set to 1 if decoding is in progress UInt32 iDestroying:1; // set to 1 if the surface is about to be destroyed UInt32 iDeviceLost:1; // set to 1 if the device has been lost and must be restarted UInt32 iApplied:1;




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Tmpgenc Mpeg Smart Renderer Keygen 36

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