New Specialty Classes starts in May!

Corset Class! Learn how to sew a beautiful corset. Starting May 9 (Wed) time: 6:30-8:30  or May 12 (Sat) time: 9-11 cost: $220 (6 Classes) Awesome Bra Making class: create your own great fitting bra. This class fills up fast. So signup now! Sunday May 6 time:2-4 or Monday 6:30-8:30cost:$225

Things to Remember When Buying Your Pattern

We get so excited when we find a great pattern for our next project. Just remember these few tips when picking your pattern and fabrics: 1: make sure the pattern is within your level of sewing skills. Just because it says “easy” doesn’t really mean easy if your a beginner. Pull out the instruction sheets and check it out. If you understand it then go for it! Is your size on the front of the envelope? Just because you see it on the back, doesn’t mean its in the envelope. Fabric selection - only use like fabrics listed. Don’t deviate from cotton to knit if knit wasn’t on the list and visa versa! Make sure you get all Notions needed for your project(thread, zipper, buttons) check to see if you

A World Beyond Designing

Fashion has always been seen as a form of expression, whether you are expressing your mood, the seasons, or your uniqueness. Fashion has the power to give us added strength and confidence. You know that once you put on your perfectly fit blazer, tailored dress shirt, or that one piece that makes you feel like a million bucks, it's game over! The power of fashion and design is endless. Putting together the perfect pieces is an art of its own, but some take it a step further. They don't simply walk into their favorite store and buy clothes already pre-made and designed; instead they imagine outfits out of nothing and bring it into fruition into the real world. Bringing outfits from the mind in

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